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The anniversary gift

Hi guys,

And good morning to you all! Oh, today seems to be starting as another sunny beautiful day, that I will take advantage of and shoots some pics, some new outfit ideas that I have in mind that I cannot wait to share with you guys!

Did you know that the one taking my pics is my better half? I always have people telling me if I have a professional photographer. Well, I have one even better- an exclusive one because he only shoots me. We’ve been together since we were kids and even though time passed us by and we met our difficulties along the way, we’ve still managed to stick together. And since he means so much to me, I always try to express my feelings by finding him unique presents for his birthday or anniversary etc.. He does the same so I can only imagine this as normal.

 I know sometimes getting that special someone something meaningful for your anniversary can be quite the challenge. I know myself, after 9 years you can fall into a gap of ideas…but you can always go for the easy gifts as I say, like perfumes or gift cards etc. This year I found the perfect mix between a simple idea of getting him a watch, and the refinement of resorting to choose one made from wood. Yes, you read it right, a perfect wrist watch carefully made from wood. So, I think that Jord was definitely the perfect choice. Also, I get quite the discount for my purchase, so that was pretty awesome ! Btw, if you’re fishing for a discount too, you can follow this link. 😉 – you’re welcome !

He was super excited when he received the watch. I couldn’t wait until July, so I gave his gift right away. I was never good in keeping secrets…and plus, I always think that it’s better to give the person his gift from before (if you have it), even though it spoils the fun of giving it on the actual celebration day, but you never know what could happen.

It’s his first photoshoot and first ever publication on a blog. He’s used to be behind the camera instead of in front of it :). I put his outfit together (as I always do), and of course, he’s wearing his cool new Jord watch from the Delmar series, the design is called Delmar Drift Dark Sandalwood & Olive Carbon .

Really hope you enjoyed the article and stay tuned for my usual ootd post later :D!

So see you later alligator ! ^^

Kisses, R.

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