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Terrace time

Hi everyone,

I know I kinda left the blog unattended this last week or so, but I'm in this crazy bubble where I just don't want to live my bed or if I do, I want to do stuff that I didn't had the chance to do in awhile now like make some music or paint...

Nevertheless, since the weather has gotten better, I've been spending most of the time on my terrace. I'm not one that takes advantage of going outside in the empty city and doing pics even though this is my actual tax paying job.

I prefer to stick to this confinement and do photos indoors ( or on my terrace). I hate when I see other bloggers like ' oh I've been out for a walk and I did some pics' - NO ! That's not an essential activity and you are not respecting the health rules given by the government ! So please, #stayhome !

It might not be my usual #streetstyle look, but I did enjoy wearing this two piece from SheIn ! :)

It's super cute and comfy xo

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I reviewed all my Vogue magazines and I'm very inspired to do some awesome pics for the days to come ! I'm a big fan of #Vogue - always have been and always will !

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones and let's hope everything will be back to "normal" soon xo




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