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Hi guys,

If you are following me on Snapchat and Instagram, then I’m sure that you’ve had the pleasure to “join” me yesterday at the super cool event in Antwerp. After missing the one in Brussels, I just had to join TCHINVITTEL in my neighbor city.

As a declared foodie person, even though I don’t show it physically lol, I love trying out new things, new food concepts. This event was no exception, especially that you can enjoy your meal in a lovely colloquial atmosphere surrounded by famous Belgian chefs. 

They’ve proposed two simple food options: the barbecue plate, and the bistronomie box.

Luckily I got to try both!

This is what the bistromonie box looks like, very simple and this is what ambassadors Chef Joël Geismar (Garage à Manger) and Bruno Antoine (Emile Bistro) prepare specially for this event; a delicious menu, where they process their favorite ingredients in a versatile manner.

And of course, the barbecue course:

Simple yet chic as I would say in a fashionable way 🙂

Plus the location was amazing; the sun was up, people were just having a great time together.

I was delighted to hear all about their concept from one of the chefs ( Chef Joël Geismar  – Garage à Manger) 

All in all, a great opportunity to get out with friends and enjoy a lovely evening in the company of great people, great food and oh, yes, great music too !! (they had a cool band over)

I really hope you enjoy my little article and if you want to try this concept, they’ll be in Gent on the 15th of June.

Thank you for visiting the blog and catch you later on a more fashionable note !




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