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Sunday vibes

Good morning everyone,

How are you this fine day ?

I'm super happy that the forecasted rain is no longer a fact today as I'm planning to go to the flower market ! yes ! I absolutely love the fact that I have so much more space now and I'm planning to do an #urbanjungle over here :) . It's actually pretty funny because 15 year old me would have never bought any plants, I used to hate plants and didn't quite see their utility. But with age comes wisdom and I am very into plants & flowers .. probably because now I can also care for them.

Meanwhile, I also have a cute outfit prepped for you today !

I really liked this dress from SheIn from the first time I saw it online. Sadly, something happened ( I don't know what) and when I got home that day, the dress was all sprinkled with some kind of liquid ( looked a lot like wine). I just had it washed so I hope all the spots are gone ! Also, don't forget to use my 15% off code when choosing your product crushes at SheIn - byruxandraQ10







What I wore:

I hope you like this #ootd :) don't hesitate to send me an email if you'd like having more info !

Gonna run at the market now :)




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