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Summer prep

Hi guys,

How are you ?

As you well know, yesterday I hit the beach as the temperatures was super hot ! Having 31C at the seaside, here in Belgium is quite rare. And with this rare situation, I took advantage of my little trip and try out some amazing solar protection products from different brands.

I have to mention that all of these brands can be found at Notino and at amazing prices as well 🙂

Ok, so let’s start with the family fave: Garnier.


I was so lucky that my aunt and mother joined me in testing these products as I had the chance to get different opinions. All in all, the family favorite from Garnier was the Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Water – even though the SPF is 30, it protects the skin super good even after you went in and out of the water several times. It’s easy to apply and so refreshing – this product has won our heart. The other products are also quite nice, but the UV Water definitely remains our favorite. Second one would be the After Sun for me, then the face protection SPF 50 cream for sensitive skin and then the Natural Bronzer which is both a tanning product that gives you 1 week worth of tan in one hour and also it nourishes the skin thanks to the coconut extract.

I believe that Garnier has really outdone itself this year launching a lot of great products on the market, the BIO range being one of the ranges most adored by the people.


Ok, Lancaster is more of a bougie brand and as you can imagine, the quality of the products is higher than normal and the innovation behind it is so amazing ! I truly like the fact that they made their products anti-age; as you well know, the exposure to the sun damages the skin and if we don’t protect it, it gets even more damaged and it becomes old, sun-stained and wrinkled. Lancaster has these 3 amazing products: the Sun Perfect Illuminating cream, the BB body cream and the Cooling invisible mist. Like these ones I have received for this season to test out and share with you my thoughts so here we go:

Family fave: the Sun Perfect Illuminating cream. Even though it may come to you as a bit pricey, this face cream is fantastic and contains a SPF 50 factor which is so amazing as the face skin is the most sensitive and gets wrinkled the fastes.

As you can imagine, the Cooling invisible mist is a refreshing product and then you have the BB body cream which for me, is quite the innovation ! I never had or saw a body BB cream before, so I’m absolutely happy with it.


If you are not into sophisticated stuff and just want a plein solar spray with 30 SPF, then Clarins has you covered. The Spray Solaire oil is quite pleasant and I already “drained” a bottle. The thing I like about Clarins is the way they produce products, always searching for the most natural path there is. You can immediately sense that when testing their products.


And then you have also Vichy, the solar protective water is no novelty, as it has been launched last year and I already tested it then. I feel that they have an affordable version, yet quite nice and effective of the normal sun protective oil.

So, that’s it for today ! I’m so happy I managed to write a more consistent article on solar protection products for this year so you can have more insights on them and better know what to pick for yourself.  🙂

Thank you for reading and enjoy your Sunday !



Disclaimer- sponsored by Notino

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