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Summer make-up

Hi everyone,

How are you this beautiful Monday ?

I'm so happy that it's not that hot outside anymore. It was too much! Also, when it's that hot, you cannot put any make-up on ( well, you can, but then it will melt down your face and that's not pretty ! :) ).

I have a few lovely summer make-up products from Clarins to share with you, most of them being super new, so you will definitely have an inside scoop ! ;)

As you well know, you can find the Clarins brand at Notino, alongside a lot of popular products to try out !


First off, we have the Clarins Bronzing compact powder, which is perfect to better define your tanned skin and to better contour the face.



The main features of the product:

- Natural tanned effect

- Modular makeup result

- Soft and easy to apply powder

- For the face and body - yup, you can also use it for your cleavage for instance :)

Definitely a must-have product this summer! And between you and me, I absolutely love the package design as well. ;)


The 2 in 1 Twist to Glow healthy glow powder is specially made for people seeking utility in their beauty products, as this little baby can be used for eyes and cheeks ! Yup, it gives a natural look and there are 3 shades to choose from. It's very small and easy to carry around, so that's a big plus especially if you are going on vacation.


Now the SOS primer booster you may or you may not know. It's a great product to have, especially if you like a more bright make-up. It has a highlighter role as well so you'll have something that fixates your make-up, but also with a bright touch in the end !

Moreover, it assures a 24 h skin hydration.


The Lip Twist Duo Water Tint & Balm is also a novelty at Clarins and although I like lipsticks better, I still wanted to share with you this product for those of you who are searching

a Tattoo effect lip game, a matte and modular finish with a bare lips feeling accompanied by

a balm with glitter finish !

This last product that I want to share with you isn't quite one from the make-up division, but I thought I should mention it because it helps you get a beautiful tanned look without sun exposure and you well know how I love that !

So the Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster is definitely something you should try if you don't want to expose your pretty little face to the sun :D .

I really hope you liked my Clarins selection for a great make-up this summer !

I will surely be back with more xo

Enjoy your week !



Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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