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Hey guys,

I just returned from Antwerp (again). Today I had the pleasure to be there for the Komono store opening that was so cool ! There were so many people around and I couldn’t help noticing how Internet brings us together. It got me thinking also how lucky we are that we can have a good lifestyle and not to mention find work easier with online adds and everything. I don’t know if you know it, but I’ve been a part of the StepStone community for quite some time now and if you’re in the market to get a job and don’t know where to look, then know that StepStone is the place to start.

It has been around from 1996 actually, come to think about it, from ever since Internet started to “grow” on us. Having a great experience in the field, the online job board became very popular, nowadays, turning also into an app. So now you can have both Android job apps and iTunes job apps

This is the web version up and the mobile version is down below

Well, it’s very easy to use and it’s worldwide so I find this fascinating, especially if you want to work from home ( like I do ).

You also have all the categories carefully explained with everything you need to know so that you can basically work in the field that you are trained for. 

I think that Germany hold a big crush for this app, as they are visiting it more than 10.7 million times a month! Can you imagine that?

Well, I really do hope I have brought to your attention something new and useful and that you’ll give this awesome app a try! I know I did and I was very happy with it 🙂 ! 

Thank you for reading and good luck on the work field ! 




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