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Spring perfumes

Hi everyone,

Well, today I must say that it definitely feels like spring! And even though starting Thursday we will be back to rainy days, I'd like to take advantage of this short spring vibe and share with you my personal preferred list of spring perfumes !

I must confess: I spent a lot of time choosing the perfumes from this list. I'd have Notino to 'blame' for all those amazing perfumes they have on their website ! The new spring perfumes are sooo fabulous !

Meanwhile, I will get started on my little comments on each perfume so you'd have a better insight of what would suit you better.


And I'm starting with:

Paco Rabanne Olympèa Blossom - I mean simply by looking at it, the perfume is so stylish; the bottle design is out of this world !

The top notes of this perfume reveal the combination of a rose with a hint of pink pepper, crowned with some notes of blackcurrant. Its pleasantly tart scent becomes more pronounced some time later when a delicious pear joins the party to create an impressive contrast to the floral notes. As for the base notes, a warm vanilla and a velvety cashmere wood make their appearance. A perfume that is both sexy and stylish.


I'm going to continue with YES I AM GLORIOUS by Cacharel - a perfume I had the opportunity to discover when it launched and I must say - it smells divine !

They say: Every woman deserves to receive beautiful flowers. Well, the Cacharel Yes I Am Glorious Eau de Parfum is intended to be a fragrance filled with sensuality and femininity, according floral notes ( such as magnolia, white flowers, etc) into a bohemian perfume meant for all you lovely ladies.


To be honest, I have been following the Sì perfumes for years now and I have to say that not one has disappointed me. We are continuing the Sì saga with Armani Sì Intense, a fruity scent composed of top notesof cassis; turkey rose, davana as heart notes and as base notes we find patchouli and resin.

A marvellous fruity scent to make your days even more exquisite.


Lancôme also has a saga, a La Vie est Belle saga. :)

For this season, the brand launched La Vie est Belle Soleil Cristal.

Close your eyes and imagine a lush garden, full of the most beautiful flowers.

This is the heart of Lancôme 's La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal Eau de Parfum.

The floral notes will put you right into the spring mood you deserve. ;)


Oh, and of course, I couldn't miss the opportunity to introduce also Narciso Rodriguez as the brand creates always perfumes that are very dear to me, perfumes that hold their scent for days...

Here, I have chosen the Musc Noir as my focus perfume for this season.

It's a floral/oriental perfume that smells incredibly, having at subtlety, but at the same time longevity that I personally, am a fan of.

So, this was my selection and I know that I went a bit overboard with my picks, but honestly, there are so many wonderful spring perfumes to choose from and I really did my best to narrow down the list. :)

I hope it will give you some inspiration ( and time saving) while shopping for your next spring perfume !

Thank you for stopping by the blog and I wish you all an amazing week ahead!


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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