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Spring Detox

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you had an amazing week and a great weekend. I had family over for our Orthodox Easter festivities and I got to think: we actually had all the festivities in one month: Catholic Easter, Orthodox Easter and the Eid ( Muslim festivities to celebrate the end of the Ramadan period). All of these have one thing in common: celebrating with our friends & family and indulging ourselves in lots of good food. I usually like doing a detox after our festivities cause let me tell you, my family doesn't joke around when we celebrate. It's usually a 3 day celebration filled with yummy food & desserts. My mom actually made 6 types of desserts, so I definitely need a detox now that my family parted and I'm getting back to my normal routine.

But a detox is not just related to food, a detox is best to have it done on an external level as well, so I went ahead and did a list of my favorite detox products that I found at Notino.


Now there's a lot of detox products, but I just wanted to share with you the ones that I personally like, starting with a hair detox set.


T-LAB Professional is a great brand, delivering natural haircare & skincare products. It is, as they say, natural luxury. This Royal Detox set contains a purifying detoxifying shampoo, a hair conditioner, a protective spray and a protective oil. Everything you need to " reset " your hair. The range promises to regenerate and nourish your hair, protecting it against external aggressions. It also removes dandruff and it takes care of weakened hair along its entire length. A complete hair detox option !


From haircare to skincare and we're starting with a nice detox face mask to get rid of all impurities. The Kneipp detox care sheet mask deeply cleanses the skin, detoxifies it, brightens and refreshes it and also, it improves its general appearance.

It's from 100% natural viscose fleece, so environmental friendly as well.


If you're looking for a great detox face cream, Babor's subrange, Doctor Babor, has one that's so amazing !

The Babor Refine Cellular Detox Vitamin Cream gives freshness and luminosity to your skin, it rejuvenates it, while protecting it against external aggressions. It offers a

deeply nourishing and it leaves the skin pleasantly silky and smooth.


If you want a detox night cream, then the Grown Alchemist has a lovely one, it's actually called the Detox Night Cream - It has the same attributes as the one from Babor, the only difference here being the ingredients and the fact that it's going to regenerate the skin barrier, which makes it a viable option for a night cream.


To complete the detox ritual, I chose a product that is very affordable, but also very good at detoxifying.

Dove's Purifying Detox Green Clay shower gel gently washes the skin of the body and provides it with the necessary hydration, but also, thanks to its green clay ingredient, this specific shower gel removes impurities from the skin, leaving it able to breathe and regenerate.

I hope you found this list of products helpful and to inspire you for a good old spring detox !

Wishing you a great week xo


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Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino

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