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Special event deal!

Every girl dreams of wonderful long nails,especially long nails done in a special way!

 Sadly our day routine doesn’t allow us to grow them to long and even if we do ,it will be so hard to do our household chores …  But don’t worry if you’re planning to attend a special event! The answer is fake nails! yes…that superficial method we all resort to when we have to go out and have long lovely nails!  I found a great deal at Claire’s ! They have so many styles ,it was so hard to choose!

 I went for this model..I found it more apart..and plus you will wear them 1- 2 days (at least that’s what I’m planning on !) ..

 They come in a 24 nails package with glue and an applier’s the first time I resort to fake nails just to try it!I hope they won’t destroy so much my nails. Anyway ,for 5 € I find them really nice!


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