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Hi guys,

Oh, yes, you are seing correctly, the hours is more than late, but I just couldn’t go to sleep without posting today’s look ! I mean I was so happy with the pictures and the place- Mechelen – definitely a city I’ll be returning to for some foto maken (taking pictures). 😉


Anyhow, the city is super serene and it got me thinking of a time I used to keep a diary for everything. Back then we didn’t had a lot of access to taking pictures, so we needed to keep diaries with all the memories so we can later on read them and remember those days, either with heartbreaks or going out with friends… sincerely, I miss the days when you needed to write to someone and wait for an answer to your letter. It didn’t had a tracking code nor you could call to see if the recipient got the letter .. it would have taken a lot of time to get an answer sometimes, but time was all we have. Now we live in the light speed era and time doesn’t seem to be sufficient to do everything we need to do.


On another level, if you want to check what I am wearing , don’t hesitate to scroll down 🙂


What I wore:

How do you find the outfit though ? It’s actually something for everyday wear 🙂 super comfy and those boots are soooo nice for walking…

Thank you so much for checking the blog and I cannot wait to be back with a brand new outfit post !




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