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So obsessed

Good morning everyone,

Thursday is here ! That means it’s almost the weekend, baby !

I remember that beautiful feeling I would always have on Thursday while I was in school… Wednesday was behind ( it was actually the day the most difficult for me as the schedule was crazy busy) and the next day would be so chill.. weekend.. summer break.. Christmas vacations.. I do miss my childhood even though it wasn’t the most fabulous one ! Enjoying life as it is will always make you a rich person..  not many people get that I think.. a lot of them consider life as a rush for fame and fortune. These are the people that will never do anything with their lives because actually living isn’t about being a slave your money, is using whatever resources you have to make your life peaceful and enjoying it even when you have little.

Look at this dress that I’m wearing today – it looks like a million dollars, but it doesn’t cost that much 🙂 ! Plus, you can also get 15% off its price using my code: byruxandra .

I found it at SheIn and I must say – it was love at first sight ! You have a direct link here below as well as for the other items that I am wearing ^_^


What I wore:

Where do you see yourself wearing this beautiful dress?

I cannot wait for a fab event to put it on again 🙂




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