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Snake venom skincare

Hello everyone,

I hope you are taking advantage of this long weekend and I'm sure that, regardless of this rainy weather we are experiencing now, you already had a drink or a bite to eat at your local terrace :). I'm happy that the restaurants and coffee shops could open their terraces .. and I know it's not the most ideal weather situation, but at least it's a step forward in the right direction.

And speaking of this weekend, well, I needed to work a bit, but I'm definitely super excited for today's skincare subject : snake venom ! Yes, there is a lot of talk around it and even though it has been already approached by so many others, I wanted also to express my point of view on the subject and also, discover together a few skincare products that have a snake venom base from your favorite online e-shop, Notino.

One thing is for sure, the snake venom ingredient is like the holy grail for people looking for efficient anti-aging products.

Here below are my favorite snake venom based products :


For me, this would be a complete snake venom skincare routine !

I'd firstly clean my face ( and neck/ cleavage area), maybe do like a scrub also and afterwards, I'd start by applying :


1. The Rodial Snake Jelly Eye Patches that takes care of the eye area perfectly, improves the quality of the skin and restores its vitality.

The product restores firmness and suppleness to your skin, increases the elasticity of the skin

and brightens the contours of the eyes

smoothening the fine lines and reducing wrinkles.


2. I'd then continue with the Rodial Booster Drops Snake Serum Drops. It is a product with a high content of active substances, therefore it's a luxury treatment for your face.

This serum helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reshapes the contours of your face and removes signs of fatigue.

It's a perfect product !


3. And last, I'd apply the Mizon Aging Care Firming Solution cream. Now for a day use, I'd always advice you to apply some SPF before as the cream doesn't have one, but no worries, it has other great properties like: restoring firmness to the skin which will leave it tight

and it also regenerates it and vitalises it!

A simple routine, might I say. Of course, the eye patches can be used once every two-three days, but the serum and cream are absolutely necessary ! :)

If you're looking also for a eye cream, then I'm recommending Eveline Cosmetics Exclusive Snake ;).

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my little article here and stay tuned for more !


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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