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Smells nice in here !

Hi guys,

How was your week ? Mine was beyond full and I must say the week that is coming – even more full ! Sometimes I do work outdoors as well and I must say – working from home, for me, it’s the best ! Of course you have to have a cozy place to stay and I do try to make the best comfort I can because it’s important to feel good in your work space.

One of the things I like most is having a nice interior perfume and lately, I focused myself on scented candles. I mean they are the best ! It also gives the room that intimate cozy vibe that I adore.

Notino has a lot of scented candles, diffusers, interior perfumes.. all of which are designed to give you a great interior scent.

I have a few brands I would like to mention here and I would like to start with Smells Like Spells ! Yes, it does smell like spells if spells would actually smell 🙂 – I chose to go for the 6 piece set of scented candles and I can assure you that they do smell magical xo


Ok, so Lumium Candle might not have just a vaste range, but I find that they are so classy ! It’s like you have a deco object and a scented candle all in one 🙂 – I have the big and the small version. Imagine how nice they’ll look on one of those mini living room tables.


And last but not least, I chose DW Home and their Fresh Cut Gardenia scented candle which smells amazing especially if you like the smell of fresh cut flowers like me.

I feel the scent shoothing and other than these flowery essences, the brand also captured many others like fruity or wooded ones.


Imagine you can personalise each room of your house in a different way, with a different scent. I really like the idea of having a place ( working or not) that smells good. It does wonders for your physic 🙂 .

I hope you liked my little article on scented candles and I cannot wait to be back with more !



Disclaimer: Article sponsored by Notino 


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