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Smart Shopping. How to shop during the Sales

Here it is ladies, the moment you’ve been all waiting for – the SALES period! One month of craziness, of searching and finding the missing puzzle parts of your dressing. But as all scavenger hunts, there must be some rules, which many of us forget to follow and at the end of the month or even the next day, you turn up with an amount of clothes or shoes that you will never wear. I know this for a fact; I’ve been there! This blogging experience has taught me something very important: to organize myself and to be more disciplined cause let’s face it, a year ago if you were to be looking in my closet it would have been at your own risk :). So, I know a lot of you get super excited during the sales and pick up items that are “awesome” just for the simple fact that they are like 70% OFF and never get to use them. That’s why I wanted to do this blog post especially for you, to share a bit of my experience when it comes to smart shopping.

Let’s establish some ground rules:

1. Before you go shopping, open your closet. Make a tour. For me it helps to get all my stuff on the floor and then rearranging it. That way you can see what do you have and see what you are missing.

2. Make a list of all the things that you are missing. Count your tops, pants, jeans, dresses,etc and you can start on making matches, see in a supposed outfit what could be missing, and then put it on the list!

3.When going shopping, take the list with you, so you won’t get caught in the vortex (as I like to name it). Cause in stores you will just see a lot of crazy people trying to get their hands on everything, and you will be tempted to buy what others are buying, without thinking if you really need it or not.

4. Make a budget! I know most of you are trying not to spend much during the sales, but let’s face it- we always do spend more than we predict. So my advice would be – browse the internet, see the offers, than make a budget and try not to go over it even though it’s hard to resist.

5.You probably know my story with the Zara vest from the last post. So, when shopping for that perfect thing, try to stay calm. I know for a fact that it is so stressing when you don’t find your size or that top you love so much has sold everywhere, but I try to say to myself ” if it’s meant to be yours, it will be!”.

6. Have fun! Don’t get irritated by the big crowd in the shops that many times steps on your fingers or the sales lady that is way stressed out and not patient to respond your questions. Be calm and make the most of it. We have only two months a year of this kinda “party” :).


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