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Skin on skin

Hi guys,

Hope you all have had a super cool weekend ! Over here it’s been raining like a m°therf*cker 😫, but I still squeezed myself to make some awesome pics of the outfit I want to share with you today ! 

If you’re following me on Snap, then you mush have saw my beautiful leather jacket from Leather Skin, which is totally the bomb ! I mean I haven’t seen this quality from when I was little ! If you’re looking for a quality leather jacket, then Leather Skin is the place to go at. Mine is in a pink shade, but I just can’t wait to try the black ones – uhh, so posh ✨✨✨

What I wore:

– Zara top

– Zara jeans

Really hope you like my look, sweeties!

It’s definitely a cool look for Fall 🙂





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