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Hi sweeties,

I’m actually a bit “late to the party” as I didn’t had time at all to publish anything too explicit about my visit in Singapore from 2016. Even though you may have seen the two posts I did for the hotels I stood in, Village Hotel Changi and Village Hotel Katong, I didn’t share anything else. Well, now with my website being live and all, I thought this is the perfect moment to describe my trip to this amazing country.


I went there in February, just in time for the new Chinese Year ! I had the chance to actually celebrate with the people there. It was extraordinary, especially given the fact that it’s quite a safe country; I felt a million times safer there in the middle of the night, on the streets rather than here in Brussels where danger lies at every corner.

So what to do ? What to visit?

I stayed about 4 or 5 days in total because I went to the Philippines from Singapore and then came back there to take the flight home, so it was difficult to include everything in such a short period of time. The cabs are a bit expensive, even Uber, but I didn’t had much time on my hands to take the bus, so I spent all my Uber credits for trips here and there.


I went sightseeing and passed by a few temples, even went into one because they were celebrating the New Year the next day or so. I truly recommend going for this holiday because the atmosphere there is incredible !

Of course, Gardens by the Bay is a must-see when in Singapore and I suggest going to the flower dome  first and then go before sunset to the actual site because it will be a long wait until the show starts. I have to do a video for Singapore cause I have so much footage ….


Another thing you can do is enjoy the beach. I went to Palawan. It’s a nice beach, quite clean… I was very surprised to see people sunbathing with clothes on. That was something new for me :).


It’s a lovely place to visit and I suggest to “tie” it to another destination if you’re planning to go to Indonesia, Philippines or Malaysia for instance. You don’t need that much time to go and see what needs to be seen. The rest is just details… I know they have also a Disney Park and Warner Bros Park, but it wasn’t really why I came all that way. 🙂


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