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Self tanning in style

Hello everyone,

I hope your week has started in a good vibe. I myself have a very long day with phone-calls and emails ahead, so I'm going to cut right to the chase about today's subject that I wanted to cover for a while now - self tanning products.

For some time now, a lot of people have manifested sun allergies, like a lot more than before. This may also happen because the ozone layer is constantly changing, becoming thinner and letting more powerful UV sun rays hit the Earth. Thus, the self tanning industry has become a well relatable source of "sun kisses skin", but without the actual sun in the equation.

I have tried some products along the way, and I must say, I never did came across the good ones. That was until I found Collistar Self Tanners ! I know there are two other products from this range ( the spray and the concentrated one for the face ).


One of the reasons I like this self tanning emulsion is the fact that it smells so nice, contrary to other self tanning creams who have this specific smell... It works within the hour. Here below you can see a quick result after just 10 minutes !


So after one hour the result is pretty amazing !

I used an abrasive glove from St Tropez ( also available at Notino), just to apply the emulsion. I feel that this glove is made for a more creamy lotion, but it did its part and the product went directly into the skin. The emulsion is not sticky as well, which is great ! It also doesn't stain.


The container features a little pump so it's quite easy to use it.

It's indeed a tan without sunshine ! Plus, the ingredients are quite natural, so there isn't any risk while using this emulsion.


I hope you liked my little article on self-tanning with Collistar :)

I will be back soon with more awesome content xo



Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino`


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