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Scottish Move

Hello sweeties,

Well, looks like I’m back with another look for today :). At least in my little virtual corner I can relax and forget all about the world and its problems. Like I had one today with FedEx which btw, I totally not recommend on using if you’re planning to send someone a gift from abroad. You’ll find yourself 2 weeks after you received the package with the customs bill which I think it’s total crap because all the other delivery companies have the curtesy to inform you when you have a package from abroad and you have something to pay before delivering the package or upon delivery. That way you can refuse if you don’t want it. But not with FedEx, oh no, they act differently and stab you in the back when you least expect it. Oh, and did I mention that my bill is in Flemish? I know that Belgium has the double language situation, but why not send it in both languages then? They know very well that Brussels center 99% are French speaking citizens.. so thank you FedEx! Really crappy services from the rude lady I had on the phone today to the situation itself ! 

But let’s get more fashionable now 🙂 I really wanted to get that off my chest, that’s all…

So, this outfit has a retro vibe, but as it was pretty cold outside, I left my leggings underneath, thus taking the skirt over pants trend to a whole new level. Btw, my cute skirt is from Puppa Fashion , you know…the awesome brand that uses recycled fabrics so the impact on nature is 0! Great quality and environmental friendly :). In case you’d like to purchase something from their shop, here’s a discount code: Ruxandra.

What I wore:

– Chicwish sweater ( find it here)

– Puppa Fashion skirt ( find it here)

– Bershka booties

– New Look backpack 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, guys!

Really do hope you like the look and don’t abstain yourself from commenting 😀




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