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Ruffles for the win

Hi everyone,

Oh gosh, I just realised that I haven't posted for more than a week now, 🙊 so I'm terribly sorry for that. It's just that I have been extra busy with content creation and lots of other projects that are still running, so as I speak, I'm in the middle of the crazy tornado of everything.

I'm happy though that I managed to squeeze a quick hour today so I can update the blog - yey.

Tomorrow I have a workshop ( I have started giving workshops about social media, so that's cool), and then I have to go and pick up a dress from a belgian designer for a special photoshoot with Morphée Joaillerie , as I'm a brand ambassador for the brand for this year ! How cool is that ?

Anyway, I have a brand new outfit post for you today !

I know it's not quite accurate with this weather, but hey, a girl can dream :)








What I wore:

- New Look clutch ( don't know if the brand exists still, but I have some pretty clutches here)

I really hope you like this look. It gives me 20s vibes, but with like Dolce Gabbana flavour :)

Thank you for checking out the blog and I wish you an amazing day ahead!



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