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Hello, lovies!

So my second rabbit died too this morning, and to tell you the truth I felt a little bit relieved cause he was suffering a lot… I only had him for 10 days and well, that’s about the story. I think I’ll spend some time apart from any pet animals. It’s too tragic really..

Anyway, I pulled myself together and went a little bit outside just in time to take advantage of a short pause of sunny weather. I wanted to dress a bit retro, but still chic, since I recently received this super cute two piece set that I find somehow out of the ordinary from Wholesale7. Very nice nevertheless and comfy as well.

What I wore:

– Wholesale7 set meaning top and skirt ( find it here)

– H&M booties

– Bershka purse

So, what do you think? Is this a cute retro look or what?

Thank you for visiting my blog and have a great afternoon!




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