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Reminiscing Baroque

Hello, my loves! 

The weekend is here, but I’m still so tied up with work and everything… Hope that tomorrow I’ll have a little free time. I wish I could have a little time to walk around Brussels cause I’m hoping to find Ian Somerhalder. He’s here in Brussels and so very close to me, but I think it’s one in a million chance that I’ll bump into him.. still it would be so awesome to meet Ian in person! 

Anyway, back to Earth now :)! I’ve ordered something for Udobuy not to long ago and yesterday I’ve received the package. Normally it is stated to be a dress, but surprisingly it’s actually a long top. I really love the print though, reminds me of baroque… I just loved the trend last fall, didn’t you?

Groove of the day:

What I wore:

Udobuy top ( find it here)

– Zara heels

– Guerlain purse

– Michael Kors watch

– Leggings received as gift ( don’t have tags)

I really like the flow this beading cross print top gives the outfit… so chic baroque.. so cool..

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