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Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra

Hi everyone,

How are you today ? I hope that your week is going well and that you are super motivated to go through with everything.

I’m also back with a new post about a new product that I have received, namely the Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra from Lancôme. Now a lot of you know that my favorite mascara ever is from Lancôme – the Hypnose Mascara that is – and I’m quite a big fan of their skincare as well, so you can imagine that testing this awesome product from their line will be super thrilling.

The Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra is also available at Notino, alongside other awesome products from Lancôme.


So what does the Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra supposed to do ?

It suppose to make the skin firmer, more supple, making the complexion appear fresher and radiant. It actually targets signs of aging ( like wrinkles ).


The formula of this cream is enriched with linseed extract that has the desired effect ( firmness and reducing wrinkles). Linseed is extracted through a biotech process. It’s rich in oligosaccharides, peptides and polyphenols.


My thoughts so far ?

The Rénergie Multi-Lift Ultra smells super nice. I loved the texture ever since I have tried it at the Lancôme event… I feel that they were very smart when designing the recipient as not many brands notice that the top cover always ‘touches’ the product inside. Lancôme has designed a smart recipient that features a space in between the product and the top of the jar.


It’s a cream that I would definitely use on a daily basis, but apply it a bit before applying my make-up so it has time to well penetrate the skin. Having a firming effect, I feel that the texture is richer than other day creams.


Normally after 4 weeks of using it, you’ll get the best results. I have been using it for a few days and I must say, I’m quite happy with it !

P.S. Don’t forget that your neck and cleavage are also part of your face routine so treat them with care.

Thank you all for taking the time to have a quick read.

I wish you a beautiful day ahead and hope you’ll get the chance to try out this awesome cream !



Disclaimer: Article sponsored by Notino


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