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Plain and Simple

Hi guys,

Yesterday I had a really full full day so that’s why, when I got home last night, I wasn’t able to keep my eyes open, so turning on the pc was out of the question. I went straight to bed ! I’m super happy the FedEx problem sorted out and I’ve stumbled upon a super nice lady ❤ I know she doesn't know I own a blog or anything, but I would still like to send her a big thank you and share with the world my happiness and the epiphany that hope still exists, and nice people still exists – the ones that aren't suck in the corporation system. 

Anyway, since I had so much things to do yesterday, most of them required to walk a lot, so my outfit had to be comfortable and cozy ! That’s why I’ve opted for a casual attire and of course, one without heels! My super cozy down jacket from CNDirect is simply amazing, so it was my very first pick. Also, underneath I have my YOYOMELODY Manhattan sweater which I’ve matched with a pair of leggings and my old Zara boots. Because sometimes I need my ipad, I was super happy to have this awesome ipad case from Puppa Fashion. That way my ipad stays nice and tight in its own “outfit” ! 

Plus, choosing Puppa Fashion means 0 impact to the environment, their products coming from an up-cycling process !

What I wore:

– CNDirect down coat jacket ( find it here)

– YOYOMELODY sweater ( find it here)

– Urban Outfitters leggings 

– Zara boots

– Puppa Fashion ipad case ( find it here) – use this code for a discount – Ruxandra

So, how do you find the look? It’s so simple to recreate if you have the right items 😀

Thank you for visiting the blog and I can’t wait to bring you more awesome outfits!




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