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Pink thoughts

Hi guys,

Oh, I bet you’re wondering what’s up with me lately; why I do update my blog daily. Well, it’s mainly because the blog is literally the highlight of my day and I totally love having this contact with you every day. 🙂

I love that I get feedback on my outfits and, thus, building my personal style day by day. 

Today I have another beautiful look, a sporty chic one to be more accurate. I’m wearing my beautiful Poppy Lovers light blazer, a pair of suede shorts, my cute cream corset, platform sneakers and of course, this amazing backpack from Jolly Chic that I totally LOVE; I mean how can you not love it? It’s pink ! lol

Other than that, I must tell you about my gorgeous necklace from Star Harvest. Actually it’s like a 3 necklace set in 925 silver, gold plated that is just so amazing!

I’ll let you enjoy the little YouTube video ( don’t forget to subscribe )

What I wore:

– Guess corset

– Mango shorts

– Bershka sneakers

Get 20% off at Jolly Chic site with this here code “lovechic1” ❤

Hope you like the post, guys!!

Can’t wait to be back tomorrow with more awesome outfit ides 😀




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