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PersunMall Wishlist

Hi, guys!

Sadly, it’s still raining today .. I wish this horrible weather would stop! It’s been raining for 2 days didn’t stop at all! I wish I would live in Italy or Spain or any other country that doesn’t have shitty weather like this :(.

I still wanted to update my blog, so instead of a normal ootd post, I have a wish list that I would like to share with you, guys! I’m all excited of the asian trend this summer. I think it will be a major hit! So I thought I’d do a little wish-list from a cool online store named Persun Mall. I found so many wonderful things there and I believe if you don’t afford all that Louboutin/Gucci/McQueen , you can get similar products for lower prices ( much lower btw). You know that style isn’t all that about tags and designer clothing, right? It’s about expressing yourself through clothes and making a statement, no matter what the tag!

So, here’s my wish list on their site, theme Asian style movement for this summer!

So, what do you think? Oh, and they have free express shipping on orders that exceed 100$ !

 I can’t wait for the weather to get better ( hopefully) so I can rock some outfits with asian influence! ^^




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