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Parisian chic in earthy tones

Hi guys,

It's such a beautiful Saturday here and I can't wait to go downtown and have lunch later :)

At least like that I'll have a little taste of the weekend... I always work weekends and this one is no exception. There are perks on doing your own schedule, but there are also cons when you love what you do because you find yourself working nights and weekends ... life passes by so quick and I can honestly say that lately it's starting to be a bit depressing with the travel restrictions and also the instability this whole coronavirus caused. I'm super lucky that I'm not ill and also that I had work to do both in the house and my job, otherwise I think I'd go crazy...

Ok, enough whining and more positive vibes :-D

I have a new #OOTD today that I'm sure you're gonna love xo









What I wore:

- C&A full outfit except shoes ( those come from an old Zara collection)

I was so happy that I had the chance to quickly do a little #outfit post this morning and I really hope you'll like the look I created xo

Thank you for passing by the blog and I wish you all a lovely weekend xo


#outfitoftheday #blogbelge #outfitfall #fallinspiration

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