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Palma De Mallorca

Hey there guys! I am currently on vacation and I must say..I’ve seen so many great spots here on the island! Just wanted to do a quick post with some landscapes ..I’m speechless..

Lovely, isn’t it? I found also a starfish ..I let it go, don’t worry ! 🙂

The island has its undoubtable beauty, but you just have to know the spots to visit.

I stood in El Arenal which is very touristy and if you’re searching for the island party, then that’s the place to be.


Palma, the capital, is quite beautiful with the king’s castle and a lovely garden in front. Definitely a must visit, as well as the city square.

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If, however, you’re the wild soul (like myself), then I recommend renting a car ( it doesn’t cost that much, maybe around 35/40€ per day ) and try to visit the island. A place I loved quite a lot was Alcudia.


And Formentor is also a place that you def have to visit in case you have a car on disposal. The wild beaches there are soooo amazing !

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There is also a “not so well known” church called Senyora de Lluc, up on a mountain. The road to the mountain is incredible and the view from the top is breathtaking.


There are a lot of places to see in Mallorca. I wish I would have the time to write everything down; I’ve been 4/5 times there. The place really took my heart and stay-wise I wouldn’t know what to recommend, as I always stayed with a friend there.

Hope you liked the post and do email me if you have any questions :).




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