Out of Heaven

Hi guys,

Gosh, I’ve been working all day on the pc today and I’m trying to watch more the keyboard rather than watch the screen… I’m sure that tonight I’ll have a big headache..but what can I do? It’s my job and I have to do it…Although I like writing articles for brands, sometimes it’s so stressful, mostly when I have too many in just one day!

Anyway, I’ll just reduce my screen brightness and finish this blogpost ! 🙂 

I mean, this is what I like most, sharing awesome outfits with you, lovely readers. The outfit I got for you today is quite chic and so late fall. Cause even though we’re in December, we still have 8 degrees ( thank God)! You still need a nice coat to keep you warm though, that’s why I chose this one from Dresslink. It’s so chic and it brightens up any dull outfit! 

What I wore:

– Dresslink coat ( find it here)

– Dresslink blouse ( find it here)

– Asos jeans

– Zara booties

– Zara purse

– Freyrs sunglasses

So, how do you like the look? 🙂

Would it be something you’d like to wear? 

Thank you for visiting the blog ❤

Come by tomorrow for a new #ootd