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Hello sweeties,

Hope you’re all set for tomorrow ! 2017 is just one day away and I’m so excited for the year to come. 

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to take care of myself more. I’m slowly aging and it’s beginning to show, so I really have to find a way to preserve my youth.

I know it sound a bit narcissistic, but we all want that, I’m just writing down our thoughts. 💘

Moreover, I’ve just stumbled upon a very luxurious skincare brand that I’m just mesmerized with and I would love to try everything, from all the OROGOLD Cosmetics collections.

For today, I’m reviewing the 24K Nano Collection.

What will you receive in taking the complete set ?

Well, you have:

– The 24K Nano Day Recovery Cream ( personal fave, for every day use)

– The 24K Nano Night Recovery Cream ( a rich formula that helps you have a healthy glow in the morning)

– The 24K Ultra Silk Serum ( the thing your skin needs to look healthier and younger)

– The 24K Nano Silk Mask ( keywords: hydration and softness ) 


Pampering time ! What to expect?

Well, I’ve been using them for a few days now, so maybe I don’t have a well established opinion, but I can totally see my skin looking healthier and I do feel it hydrated indeed, so I can’t wait to do this treatment till the very end and, of course, I’ll be back with updates.

All in all, I feel like a total Egyptian goddess using these creams because, let’s face it, we only live once, so we have to take care of ourselves in the inside and outside. I believe in purchasing high quality products for the skin, as well as high quality make-up and hair products. 

Also, I would like to add that OROGOLD Cosmetics doesn’t test their products on animals ! As a bunny keeper, that was so lovely to see. If you want to check out the ingredients used to come up with such luxurious products, you can have a look here.

Really hope you like my little review and if you do try out their brand, I would love to hear some feedback from you !




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