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OOTD: My boyfriend does it better t-shirt. Keeping it cool!

Hello, sweeties!

If you are following me on Instagram, you already know that yesterday I was busy visiting this super outlet in Nederland I found. It’s super cool and there are so many brands there, God, it makes you feel like you’re practically nothing comparing with other rich people…It’s very sad we live in a world where money makes the most of differences, even though we try to keep our moral selves together and act all superficial. But the good part is that fashion doesn’t care about having money or brands, it’s really about having a sense of wearing the clothes, a sense of style and grace!

Today’s outfit might not be too fab, but it’s still a pretty day look, comfy and cute, and plus, affordable! This month’s crush t-shirt comes from Mr.GUGU& Miss Go and it’s so fantastic…just check it out ^^

What I wore:

– Mr.GUGU& Miss GO t-shirt ( find it here)

– Bershka shorts, shoes and purse

Hope you like the look, loves! 

 I think I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post, so stay tuned ❤

Have a wonderful evening and don’t hesitate to leave your opinion in the comment box below.



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