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Online shopping

Hello sweeties,

Nowadays people don’t seem to have very much time on their hands, so I’ve noticed that they prefer to do their shopping online. Now there are a lot of negative aspects to this “evolution”, but I must admit that I do some shopping online of my own and you really have to pay attention where you shop and what you shop. 

There are like a billion of online boutiques out there, not to mention the ones that have a big brand behind. You have it all: outlets, industry clothing, cheap ones, expensive ones. Online you can find it all.

Sometimes, sure, I miss the real shopping experience. Entering into a real store, feeling the merchandise, the fuss when it’s the sales period or that nice walk allé-retour. 

On my list of recommended online shops, stands Romwe ( oldie from back when I started blogging), SheIn ( same), Reitmans ( online boutique from Canada – amazing stuff !), Asos ( no need for introductions) and also I totally love Style Moi

Pretty boutiques, original clothes in most of them. That’s another reason to shop online – you can have something that no one else has! Don’t get me wrong, I like Zara as much as the next girl, but it really gives you that awesome feeling – having something that you can never cross someone in the street wearing the same pair of heels. As a fashion blogger originality in my pieces is what I look for quite often.

In other words, whether we buy our clothes online or out there, in the city, we always search for that perfect thing that makes us whole. Girls are like that – shopaholics – so, my dear shopaholic readers, I hope you enjoyed my article and do stay tuned for more ootds ! 




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