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Hi guys!

How are you today ?

I hope this week is treating you well :) .

Since we've covered a lot about gift ideas this season, I was thinking of sharing with you my hair routine since I always get so many lovely comments about my hair. So maybe you can get inspired and try it too !


About 3 weeks ago ( or maybe more, I'm very bad with time), my cousin recommended me OLAPLEX ( she works at a hair saloon now and she's quite familiar with the latest hair treatments, products, etc). So I found the brand at Notino and decided to give it a whirl !


As you can see, I already have used it a few times ( I wash my hair once per week, so it won't get thin; before I used to wash it twice per week, but I have realised that it wasn't doing any good ...). Your hair needs to produce its own keratin in order to regenerate naturally.

Helping it stay healthy with good products is a must ! I have been using Kerastase for over an year now and I still like the brand, but I think that OLAPLEX is even better, so I'll be using it from now on. ( it's just a personal opinion/experience)


It's also because I'm not a natural blonde, so I always have to dye my hair... thus having hair products that are focused on repairing damaged hair it's like having the holy grail in your hands.

The OLAPLEX products have an active ingredient, the bis-amino diglycol dimaleate, which restores damaged hair by repairing from the inside out, it's really science if you think about it.

I personally let the shampoo stay for like 1-2 minutes on my hair before rinsing, and applying the conditioner.


One product that is on my #OLAPLEX wishlist is the No7 Bonding Oil !

Why ? Because I tend to over use hot tools sometimes and I really need something strong to keep my hair together :)

It's a product created for all hair types, a product that gives your hair more shine, softness, and colour vibrancy.

Considering how much I loved the products that I have already tested from the brand, I'm sure that this one won't be any disappointment :).

I certainly hope you liked my little article and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an email or leave a comment xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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