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Obey Your Body

Hello beauties,

Since it’s raining cats and dogs outside, I think this would be the perfect excuse to stay at home and do some pampering. Dedicating some time for yourself is mandatory, especially after a hard working week.

Today I’m gonna share with you a few of my favorite products from ObeyYourBody.  I’ve been using their body butters since forever and they are definitely my go-to body products for soft skin.

I’m gonna start with these ones as they are my personal faves:

  1. Firming Shea Nut Body Butter – in 3 different scents – Paris, Ocean and Kiwi. They are all lovely, no doubt about it. I remember back in the day, I would always choose Ocean and it’s quite fresh. I can honestly say that it’s the best body butter ever ! Nothing can compare with these …

  1. I see the hand& body lotion range from ObeyYourBody as an extension to the body butters I talked about earlier. They are definitely handy when travelling as you cannot always take the big container. They have basically the same foundation as the butters, but the feel is more lotion than butter, of course. It’s quite lovely for the hands and I would say that it’s my go-to product when travelling.

  1. This is the Daily Skin Shield Kit from ObeyYourBody – everything you need to protect your skin from the pollution outside. A complete treatment to make your skin look younger and fresher !


  1. This was a new discovery for me: the Deep Earth Mud treatment is so cool ! It reminds me of the mud treatments we have in Romania, but now that you can do at home. I love it and I apply this baby every week to have my skin looking healthy and glowing.

  1. It’s so nice when skin care brands add also devices to their range of products. This one right here is a contour sculptor, to be more precise, an age-erase eye contour sculptor . It helps eye cream products penetrate your skin better and prevent eye wrinkles forming. Definitely a great and handy thing to have.

ObeyYourBody has many more products to discover and I for one I cannot wait to try out more of their stuff. I’ve been a super big fan of the brand for many years now !




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