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“The wild November come at last Beneath a veil of rain; The night winds blows its folds aside, Her face is full of pain. The latest of her race, she takes The Autumn’s vacant throne: She has but one short moon to live, And she must live alone.” –  Richard Henry Stoddard, November

Starting off a new month isn’t always easy, but for me this month is not your usual Autumn month. This month is my birthday! I will be turning 29, that means that I have one whole year to still enjoy my 20s before I enter a new cycle of life… I’m sad and happy at the same time, it’s difficult to describe.

For today, I have a really simple outfit, one that is appropriate for a day at the estate. Since it had rained that day, my boots from Hadel were very useful. Having something that is both fashionable and practical means a lot ro me. Nevertheless, I find the details of these boots very trendy 🙂 .

I’m also wearing this cute sweater from SheIn that has a cute hoody and lovely colors in vogue for the current season.  Don’t forget to have 15% off at their site using my code: RUX15


What I wore:

I really hope you like this simple country look. It was shoot at the St Gerlach estate. The place has its nostalgic charm with the arrival of Autumn. A beautiful place to visit ….




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