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Normal people scare me

Hi guys,

As I promised, I’m back with yet another cool look. I won’t exactly say that normal people scare me, more than stupid people scare me. I still remember my grandfather saying ” You should never go into contradiction with a crazy person or a stupid one. They will always win, they have the experience”. Unfortunately, life isn’t fair and people like that will always try to poison your day. I always try to stay zen and don’t mind them. My advice is to ignore them completely ! 🙂

Meanwhile, I’d like to give a big thank you to Lovelywholesale for creating this awesome sweatshirt that works so well with this cute skirt I have for while now and the CNDirect loafers

What I wore:

– Lovelywholesale sweatshirt ( find it here)

– Urban Outfitters skirt 

– CNDirect loafers ( find them here)

– Zara bag

Thank you so much for visiting my blog !

Hope you will come by soon 🙂



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