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No place I’d rather be.

Hello, sweeties!

So sorry for the lack of update lately but I’ve been busy and when I wasn’t busy it rained so there wasn’t much time or luck to do anything. Luckily, today I’ve managed to squeeze in a little photo shoot just to show you this incredible outfit that I wore, a lovely floral print organza suit from 6KS, an online boutique that I find absolutely fascinating!

But before that, I have another announcement to make. My interview for StreetGlams has been published today, so you’re looking at the new official stylist of the team. You can check out the interview here, and I do hope you’ll like it ^^. It’s been such a wild ride and I certainly couldn’t do it without you, my lovely and supportive audience. This is my first job as a stylist and the job I love to do, cause that really counts: doing what you love ! ❤

What I wore:

– 6KS organza suit ( find it here)

– Zara heels

– H&M clutch

So, this is today’s look. Something super cute for the summer! How do you like it ?

Wishing you a wonderful afternoon ❤



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