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No pierdas el tiempo

Hi guys,

Well, seems like I couldn’t let a day go by without updating my blog and sharing with you a beautiful look I totally love featuring my new ZNU. dress

See, I figured time goes by so feakin’ fast and I just want to cherish and put my whole focus and heart into every post cause sooner or later I’ll be leaving this ootd gig and maybe just write you know…

I’m getting old lol, this year I’ll be 26 years old…wow! So, here’s an amazing look, guys that I hope you like ! 

What I wore:

– ZNU. dress ( find it here)

– Gucci sandals

– Parfois clutch

I’ll be sure to be back tomorrow with a new awesome post ! ❤

Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you so much for your support and appreciation. 

In the month of June I’ll be sure to host a little Giveaway on the blog ❤




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