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New Year's make-up

Hello everyone,

I hope your weekend has started well. We're on the last days of this year and even though this year will be different than the rest, that doesn't mean we shouldn't dust ourselves off and welcome 2021 with joy ! We have survived 2020 and we should be happy !

I wanted to share with you a holiday make-up and some products that would be really interesting to use if you'd like to create a festive look.


Granted, this photo was taken awhile back, but the make-up was very appreciated and I'm going for something very similar for New Years. :)

A smoky-eye look would definitely be a great choice for this type of occasion and I'm super in love of how mine came out. Notino has a lot of wonderful make-up products to choose from, so I have picked my personal favorites, telling you how to do your own festive make-up step by step.


Let's start with getting that complexion looking perfect. First of all, I would advise applying a day cream and also an eye-cream, that better helps to have your skin hydrated before applying the foundation. If you even have time to do a face-mask before, be my guest ;) .

I sometimes apply also a base, but it really depends what I'm going for. Here, the Even Better foundation from Clinique is rather light and at the same time, I feel that it's sufficient in a way because the texture will even out the face lines, marks etc so it looks very natural.

It even has a SPF 15 in case you are looking for that in a foundation.

Of course, you can go crazy and apply a more heavy, more covering foundation since it's an evening look.


Now for the eyes, I know that a smoky-eye can be an option, and for that, I would recommend using the Orchid Dusk eyeshadow palette from Catrice, but you can also go all the way glittery and have a try of either the L.O.V - The Galaxy glittery eyeshow and eyeliner or Yves Saint Laurent 's Sequin Crush ( I like them both and both come in in several shades ). You can choose to either wear them on the smoky eye, just to add some shine, or as they are.

Any smoky-eye absolutely needs a khol crayon - it's like an unwritten rule :)

I chose the Bourjois Khôl & Contour eye pencil that I find very good in any circumstance.

And to finish the eyes with a big boom, Lancome 's Monsieur Big mascara is definitely a wise choice, making your lashes look amazing !

And yes, the name also reminds me of Sex & The City :) ( Mr. Big )

You can definitely achieve a beautiful dramatic look using these products; I haven't done anything for the brows because I already have super thick brows and I'd look like a clown afterwards, but if you are free to use an brown pencil and define those brows !


And now that we are done with the eyes area, it's time to choose a lip colour. L'Absolu Rouge from Lancome has a lot of colours to choose from and besides that, it's so lovely to wear. It has a soft texture and sometimes I don't even add a lip baume before. :)

It also stays quite well and the fact that there are so many wonderful colours to choose form makes it such a good fit for our holiday make-up look.

All you need is a setting powder, a highlighter and a blush if you like and you're all set to go !

As a lot of people don't use these, I didn't make a selection and I simply focused on the products that are mandatory for this holiday make-up :) , but of course, you can find everything at Notino so don't hesitate to take a look xo

Thank you for stopping by the blog and I wish you all a marvellous weekend !


Disclaimer : article sponsored by Notino


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