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My self care routine has something new

Hello everyone,

And how are you during this almost-end-of-the-month period ?

I couldn't be happier because very soon I'll be going on vacation and I just can't wait to update the blog as well with some new adventures. I seem to be indeed getting wiser with age and since I'll be hitting 34 this year, it was well time for me to install a nice self care routine.

When I say self care I'm not referring to strictly beauty products, but also for the mind, body and soul. So I like to take more time for myself and recharge. I like painting, going to the gym, journaling... and of course there is nothing wrong in combining the beauty routine with all of this.

Except now I have added something new to the beauty routine, something that your beauty routine must include as well: dental care. So many people are focused just on cosmetics, beauty treatments, body care and whatnot and they forget to take care also of their teeth. Dental hygiene is a must and I am so focused on it right now.


I have been using Colgate products all my life and this year I have been named a Colgate ambassador. I was very happy and proud because I'm a true fan of the brand and I know I may not have the best, straight teeth in the world, but I would like to take care of them because I only have these ones. 😁

I have been shopping at Notino for the last years because they have quite the wide range of Colgate products and I feel that they have good prices and I find things that I cannot find anywhere else.

So now coming to you with my list of favourites that I tried & loved:


- my go-to toothpaste for a whiter smile that I have been using up until last month: Colgate Max White Expert Original.

It's designed to gently whiten your teeth. Its regular use effectively removes dental pigmentation, it makes your smile radiant.


- if you're looking for something more "exotic", then I would recommend this set, the Colgate Naturals Mix TRIO!

Absolutely love them.

The TRIO toothpaste cares for your teeth with natural extracts. It ensures the prevention against dental caries, tartar and dental plaque. Three different flavours, all the right results.


- and I also would like to add to this list the Colgate Plax Soft Mint, that is a must-have mouthwash, one that not only helps you freshen your breath, it also works against plaque and helps maintain good gum and tooth hygiene.


- and last, but not least, the 'instrument' you need for flossing, keeping those gums healthy at the same time.

Colgate Total Pro Gum Health. The dental floss is an essential part of the dental routine. It helps fight bacteria where the toothbrush can't reach.

It helps remove plaque from the gum line, but in a gentle way, removing leftover food. It slides easily between teeth and does not taper. Plus, it's easy to carry with you in your bag.

Well, I hope you like my list of products for a great dental care. There are novelties in the Colgate technologies that I'll be sharing with you throughout the year, so keep a lookout because it's going to be great !

Thank you for tuning in and I wish you all a fantastic end of July!


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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