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My hair story

Brussels, 15th of May – After feeling dull with the same old hair over and over again, I thought it was time to change something. You know us girls, we just have to change something from time to time… Especially the hair.

I wasn’t prepared for a cut, but when I heard Rodolphe Marais is in town for L’Atelier de ColorationL’Atelier de Coloration and even more, after meeting him, I said to myself  “this right here is the perfect chance to create a master piece”. In the end, people who work with hair are artists… you just have to know what, how much and how to cut it.


And of course, Rodolphe know his way around with scissors. As a true artist he’ll take everything into consideration, your morphology, your skin tone and of course, most important – YOUR OPINION. I already went to hair saloons where my opinion wasn’t heard. I’m not a difficult person, but if I want to cut 1cm of hair, it’s just 1cm, not 10 !


I really loved that Rodolphe takes its time, listens, advises you…it was an amazing experience and I could even feel my hair smile. Of course, being in the branch for a long time now, his expertise is radical look changes. So if you’re looking for someone to do that, he’s the man ! He’s there just one week per month ( normally the 3rd week of every month), as he runs his own saloon in Bordeaux.

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Afterwards, I was left in the very good hands of the lovely people working at L’Atelier de Coloration. Now that place is more than a saloon, it’s a landmark. Created in 1990, L’Atelier de Coloration serves as a go-to place for the ladies in Bordeaux and Brussels.

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Meanwhile, let me just compliment the space. It’s freaking amazing ! The hair-salon is not your typical one; the design is conceptual, but with a modern twist. Don’t get me started on the massage chair >< total crush !

The result of course, was fab, as you can see:

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All in all that French touch lays in the air at this beautiful spot in Brussels, Rue de Namur 65A.


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