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My crib

Hey guys,

I’ve finally got some free time and I would like to use it so that I can share with you my room. My very own piece of heaven, my crib, my go-to-place when I’m feeling down. Ok, actually now it’s a bit decorated cause I did all the Christmas decoration yesterday, but I’ll come back with a post especially for that tomorrow or on Friday ! 

Until then, I would like to guide you to the process of making my room ( I even did some vids, but haven’t edited it yet, I’ll upload it when it’s done though). Ok, so when we took the place, my room was a mess, like the walls weren’t nicely painted and actually the house’s whole structure isn’t quite straight. I don’t know who built it, but he had to be drunk for sure ! Luckily, I’m just renting, so it’s not quite my responsibility. Who knows, maybe when I move again I’ll have a bigger room and I’ll have to buy some additional furniture and stuff. Meanwhile I’m “stuck” with this one, but it’s ok cause it’s cozy and has a nice view ( de loin ) of the Justice Palace, which I adore. I still have some minor adjustments to make, but in the whole, it’s done.

I had to re-paint it and do some extra renovations, small, but considerate.

I have a lot of awesome stuff from my fave online store, LightintheBox, which I simply adore and it comes quite in handy when searching for the latest home trends. I have purchased some pieces for my house back in Romania as well, but all of that in another blogpost.

First off, I found this cute couch that is also convertible at a really good price, but since it wasn’t very pretty to begin with, I found myself falling in love with this super cute sofa cover from Lightinthebox ! It’s so cute and handy when you want to bring to life your room.

I wanted you to see the difference by showing you a before and after pic.

As you probably know, I used to have a bunk bed that my mom begged me to throw out, but see, I really love it as it has a desk underneath and I really loved that bed. It was grey before, so I had to repaint it, cause I wanted the whole room to be white(r).

It’s really cute now that you see it, and my boyfriend installed some spots and even a fake “celling” in the bed lol. He’s so handy ! 

This is a pic beneath the bed, where I have my desk and it’s practically my work space. I had to paint the mirror too, it was grey before ( also, done by my bf) 🙂

We work quite well together. I do the sketching and he does the workmanship. 

And this is one of my prize possessions that I acquired when I moved in. My beautiful chandelier, also from Lightinthebox, which I totally love and adore and can’t live without ! 😍😍😍😍

I think I did a blog piece on it some while ago.

With the place I’m keeping my jewelry actually I’m not quite done cause it’s starting to be super crowed in there, and I also have another big box filled with God knows what… 

As you can spot over there, in the back, I have my lovely curtain, also from Lightinthebox

I manage to did some pics before I had installed my bag closet so I’ll let you discover it better below, in all its grace.💖💖

 Again, my beautiful couch, with its lovely cover. A bit “ready” for Christmas. I always lay my cozy fishtail blanket that I usually cuddle in when I watch a movie or read a book. Really a nice thing to have ! 

The thick curtain was added there so it can cover all the shoeboxes I have. I found the place with this strange like whole in the middle of the room which I transformed into a place for my shoes.

Pretty neat, huh?

 The closet was found online and it actually came with the whole bed, nightstands etc that I sold in order to purchase my own black bed for the main bedroom where I sleep with my bf. And the clothing rail has been also replaced by the one from Ziito design, but the photos were took way before, so yeah. Probably I’ll come back with updates when I’ll bring some adjustments “to the table”.

I think my ihpne does really cute pics, right? Hiding in the back, you can also see my precious steamer ! Oh, it’s so handy and love it so much ! 

And this is a little close-up .. the iron thing hiding there next to the closet is actually a ladder that you can adjust to become really high ( for my shoe racks, as my racks are like 2m high…).

💕 So, really hope you enjoyed my little room presentation. I’m really happy I got the chance to finally share it with you, guys!

Eagerly waiting to see what you think ! 




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