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Must have(s) !

Being in the holiday fever and the center of the city being so close to me,I took a walk today to shop a little! I saw this super sized red bag and I had to have it cause red is one of season’s trends!I’m not saying to dress all in red( it will surely hurt the eye haha)..but having something red either if it is lipstick (also recommended), or just plain accessory ,red is giving your average outfit that special thing,that splash of color!

I choose this simple red super size bag from New Look to go with most of my winter outfits…I needed something to lighten up my clothing..I like that fake leather effect and plus it’s very useful for traveling cause it’s so big!!

Even the zipper has a unique style,being all gold and the zipper key is made from the fake-leather can wear it as a handbag or as a shoulder one.

So I think that for 17.99 € you have a great deal ! Remember it’s you who makes the thing have value! And don’t forget to check out the other deals on the right of my page!  ♥ R.


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