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Must have bags for SS18

Hey sweeties,

Since I have a little time on my hands, I thought I should do a dedicated post sharing with you the IT bags for this season. In the market for a cool purse and don’t know what to choose? Well, I have a pretty cool idea what’s in.

Maybe you read about it or maybe you saw them glancing from the shop window on your way to work, but straw bags are a MUST ! I, myself, have recently purchased one from Cult Gaia and I’m waiting for it as we speak. Ok, their bags are more “wood” than “straw”, but still, it fits the aesthetic and it’s super trendy.

But one-o-one straw bags… well, check these out !

And don’t forget, you have until Saturday to take advantage of the big SALE event at Shopbop. So if you buy under $500, you have 20% off and if you buy above, you get 25% SALE ITEMS INCLUDED ! – just add EVENT18 at checkout for immediate reduction.

Hat Attack

These are definitely on my list as well. I’m in love with straw bags, excepting the ones with pompoms on… I have one, it’s sufficient. 😉

Hope you like these lovely finds and stay tuned for more awesome, fashionable news !




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