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Mixing Prints

Hello, people !! So the weather is been awful today ! I wanted to go out a little and I didn’t manage as I was dressed a bit light. I did though get through on snap-shooting my outfit that I pulled together so I can show you guys my idea of mixing prints as I saw it’s very in now! I know I was going to post some more photos from my trip in Italy, but I’ll do that tomorrow as I can’t wait to post this look 🙂 I don’t know if I done a good job or not, but hopefully I’ll have some tips from you!

What I wore :

– Forever 21 top

– CoolCat pants

– Primadonna flats

– Forever 21 necklace

– Guess bag

– Moschino belt

I really liked the light aztec print on the top and I felt that it went great with the snake print pants :).What do you think ?

I’ll be back tomorrow with the sequel of my outfits wore during my weekend in Italy Hope you enjoyed my post ! Thank you and take care xoxo ♥ R

Chiffon top £18 –

Dollhouse turquoise shoes $20 –

Forever 21 chain fringe necklace $4.76 –


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