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Hi guys,

After a wild night, here I am today, bringing you a new awesome outfit post. Nowadays, I rarely go out, because there really comes a time when you’re preoccupied most with work, but when a friend is in need, you just have to be there. But all of that in another article. Now it’s fashion time ! 

On today’s “stylish agenda”, we have this super cute military style trench dress from Lovelywholesale which I was amazed how different from the picture it was. Sure, for the price, it’s still something cute, but I imagined it different. I’ve paired it with these awesome ankle boots, also from Lovelywholesale, that are so perfect for this weather. Little tip: take your usual size cause I took one size higher, but it turns out that they are really true to size, so my 38s are a bit big. 🙂

Last but not least, I totally feel in love with this gorgeous satchel from Deux Lux . I really love Shopbop! It’s the perfect fashion destination for fashionable clothing and designer pieces.

What I wore:

– Lovelywholesale trench dress ( find it here)

– Romwe feather cape

– Deux Lux satchel ( available here)

– Lovelywholesale booties ( find them here)

So, I really hope you like the look and don’t hesitate to check out the blog on a daily basis ! I have a new look everyday, so don’t miss it 🙂



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