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Mango ankle boots

Hello my sweeties! Hope you had a great day. And guess what – the weekend is here!!!! Here it has rained all day, but I didn’t give up and during the 20 min of clear weather I took some photos. As you have already guessed, today ‘s outfit is build around my new ankle boots from Mango. I must say that I got compliments even in the Mango store today from the salesladies and other customers, saying that I did a great combo! So officially this outfit is a HIT! You can try it with confidence.

What I wore:

– Mango pants and booties

– Asos clutch

– W.E. jacket

– Guess sweater

The pigeon asked me if he can be in the post today and I said “yeah, of course!” (pity he didn’t realise that his catwalk wasn’t focused – and please don’t tell him!! Let him live his dream :)) )

I really hope you guys enjoyed my post for today. And I must thank you again for your very nice comment and encouragements the other day… I wouldn’t have done all of this without you ! 

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Kisses and have a nice weekend!!



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