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Look du jour: noir and gold

Hello, my loves!

Today is a day of celebration for Belgium, well, a sober celebration, as king Albert II is abdicating, leaving room for a new Belgium king which will take the throne tomorrow, just in time for Belgium’s National Day.

Anyway, point being is that everybody is out celebrating and music is heard all over Brussels. I’m not that touched, truth be said, because I was not born and raised here, so for me it was another opportunity to mix up a special outfit ^^

On today, I have this sexy asymmetrical dress from Wholesale7 on. It’s still black, so we can respect the “sober” part of the event, but besides that, it looks very hot if you got the legs for it.

-What I wore:

– Wholesale7 dress ( find it here

– Mango heels

– Blanco clutch

Great deal for just $6.15, right :)? You have a pretty fashionable dress…well.. don’t imagine that the quality is WOW, but still.. it’s ok if you’re shopping during the crisis ^^

Hope you like my new ootd and don’t forget to follow me on my social networks. I always post special updates .




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