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Let me set the mood right

Hello, sweeties!

I can just say that besides this busy couple of days, the sales period, the dastardly weather and going to a new school, I found myself determined to catch up on my gym classes as well… Sadly, when you grow older, you see your body not staying as fit as you had it at 15-18 years. So it needs a boost once in a while; some gym, eating only healthy food and just leaving those chips, french fries, chocolate and coke aside. Well, for me the coke part is so difficult as I’m a big fan of Coca Cola ^^. Anyway, I try going at least 3 times a week to the gym and eating just my Mom’s food which is delicious btw. I’m not complaining about my weight, I can even use some extra pounds, but I really don’t like the aspect of my bottom, all that cellulite… it makes me sick! 😦

Luckily in the cold season we can cover all that up in trousers, jeans or even tights. Speaking of tights, I recently received a couple of pairs from this really prestige Poland company, named Fiore, which has been on the market from 1998 and that combines all sorts of hosiery designs. Naturally, I chose mine somehow special, out of the ordinary as usual :).

What I wore:

– Udobuy skirt ( find it here)

– Zara blouse

– PersunMall coat ( find it here)

– Versace for H&M booties

– Fiore tights Sheila design ( find them here )

So this rad look is what I wore today while going out a little, though the awful rain. Luckily it stopped for like 5 minutes and I decided to take some pics of what I was wearing. 🙂

So, can’t wait to read all your comments ^^

Now I have to go and get ready for a gallery opening ❤

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