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Let it shine !

Good morning everyone,

And how are you today ?

I feel that summer is halfway through and we still have some music festivals up our sleeves. I absolutely love dressing up for festivals because it lets me tap into my creativity. The make-up is no exception ! I feel that glitter has been playing a big part in make-up on these occasions and of course, various brands have launched a lot of products to satisfy the masses.

One of the brands that I really love in the creative make-up department is NYX Cosmetics. They have really pigmented and fab products and also some glitter 😉


I’m using the glitter primer for other eye-shadow applications because it’s very good and it’s a product I totally recommend. Also the under-eye corrector from NYX helps you cover up any dark circles so your make-up will come out flawless.

NYX can be found at Notino, alongside other awesome brands at incredible prices !

The thing is that some glitter looks can be worn also on a daily basis ! I had the chance to test out some products and created a glittery look that is just in between –


I only used the eye-primer from NYX, some eye-shadow and a really cool glitter from Makeup Revolution  ( the Glitter Bomb in shade Retrospect ) .


With the eyebrows highlighted, this can be a nice festival look. Without, a make-up look that we can wear on a daily basis.. I find that the glitter is more soft, so it allows us to wear it in the evening for instance.

If you are planning to go more intense with your festival look, then might I suggest adding glitter on your hair (that’s the latest trend), your body or even adding some gems to be sure you will shine 🙂

Well, that was my little article on how to achieve a festival make-up and a recap on my fave products to achieve it. The season is not over, so I hope you’ll find some inspiration !



Disclaimer: sponsored by Notino


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